Artist’s Voice

My( Ruchi Agrawal) art is a representation of my devotion for Lord Krishna. Krishna peaks through my art at me as a common man living an ordinary life. He lives in my every emotion ever since I could feel. Each stroke, each detail, every drop of paint brings Him closer to me and the spectator. My art, my colours and his story, merge with the perception of the viewer. I leave my paintings be at a certain point where everything is not revealed, or hidden behind a curtain of details, which arouses in the person a sense of curiosity. The urge to know and understand everything has always motivated us towards evolution. similarly, the urge to understand the painting makes the person inquisitive and they can’t seem to get enough. Intricate detailing in the description of mythology tales of Krishna is my way of expressing my devotion towards Him, singing and dancing the tales of Indian mythology, spreading the colour and the cheer, I use folk art to portray Him as an entity. Inspired by the extremely rich culture of India, I use my paintings as a powerful medium to portray this richness. Art for me is pure form of emotion.
My devotion finds an expression through this meditative art across the stretched canvases that strive to live forever in millions of hearts….. connecting the dots. It shows my optimistic perception for life. It’s like a meditation for me.
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