Book By Ruchi Agrawal

Anadya by Ruchi Agrawal is not just any other colouring book, it is a form of art meditation. These illustrations work you to a way to relax the mind and fall into a state of flow while creation something unique and beautiful. Colours brighten you up, brushes make you smile and paper makes you feel good. “Anadya” will help you overcome distress, learn to deal with your own issues and help you calm down your mental and emotional health, improving its acuity. It is a great tool for children, as their motor skills can be strengthened by improving hand-eye coordination. It will also help you sleep better, be calmer, deal with eating disorders and in many of the benefits associated with more traditional mindfulness meditation practices. These perforated paged illustrations can be made timeless by easily taking them out and framing them. So go ahead and allow yourself to flow, be mindful, relax, meditate and finally be proud of your artistic expressions by using this illustrative tool and filling yourself up with comfort and care.